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Hebei Chentai Steel Structure Co., LTD

Telephone:0319-5520777 Mobile:15075996996 Contact:Manager Jin Address:Hebei Province, Xingtai City, South County Industrial Park West Song Jing Street North (city bus 111 road photo junction station, walk 50 meters north to)

Hebei chentai steel structure co. LTD
Address: north of songjing street, chengxi industrial park, nanhe county, xingtai city, hebei province
(get off at zhangxiangkou station of no.111 bus in the city, and proceed 50 meters to the north)
Phone: 15075996996
Telephone: 0319-5520777
The true: 0319-5520788
Contact: jin manager
Zip code: 054400
Website: http://www.mycheekychimp.com

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